We Believe...

that there is always a progressive version of YOU. By employing time tested and proven ancient Indian systems, we shall together bring out THAT YOU. We focus on breathing, Pranayama and Meditation. Join us to explore its wonders!


The shuddhi kriyas literally mean cleansing techniques. These are a set of breathing exercises that cleanse and remove muck from the head, throat and/or respiratory systems


Pranayama is the art of breathing right. With right breathing, we shall learn to control our mind and experience overall well-being. Philosophy combined with practical science.


Dhyana is the art of meditation. It is said that with meditation you become more and more 'you’. We shall learn some of most effective techniques to bring our mind to a calm meditative state, in the most natural way.


Meditation’s most profound effects on health has to do with its ability to alter long-standing dysfunctional behavior.  Once people become more sensitive to the effects of certain actions on their bodies and minds, they increasingly want to do what makes them feel better.

A large body of evidence is changing the belief that the brain is not a static structure, but is constantly remodeling itself, a phenomenon scientists call neuroplasticity. Repeated thoughts and actions rewires our brain, and the more we do something, the stronger those new neural networks become. More than 2,000 years ago, Patanjali Maharishi has stated that the key to success in yoga is dedicated, uninterrupted practice over a long period of time. With consistent practice, neural networks gets stronger and slowly, these healthy grooves help guide us out of the ruts in which we’ve been stuck.


You are reading this because because you are breathing. Breathing is an integral part of your existence. It works at micro-levels of your body. It is the quickest response system of your body. You’ve probably never noticed, but you are very closely connected with your breathing. Your breathing pattern changes when your thinking changes, when your blood pressure changes, when your heart beat changes, where is a change in your state of mind and a multitude of other body or mind related changes. Just by observing your breath, you can experience many wonders on your life, how potent can you become when you consciously orchestrate your breathing! Your body and mind can derive all its needs just by right breathing and we are here to guide, support and educate you with the ancient breathing practices that enable you achieve this!

The magic of a single breath...


miles of blood vessels reached


body waste removed as Co2 during exhalation




litre of lung capacity normally used out of 4-6 litres


Regular breathing exercises, Pranayama and Meditation can work wonders.  There are innumerable benefits, most relevant ones are

increased immunity
Reduced stress
increased energy
reduced risk of diseases

Our Work

We have done a plethora of work on Yoga and related fields. Some of them have been highlighted below

Ruchita... Having journalism in her DNA, has fantastic grip over picking up right technique from mountain of yogic practices, get the true value, right way of applying it and getting superb outcome from both herself as the best teacher (herself being ardent practitioner) and student - making them equally good lover, learner and sincere follower of Yoga.

Dr. Raksha Vadhaiya

Doing yoga with you was a very pleasant experience. It helped us calm down, reduced our stress and helped in building our immunity. We would want to continue practicing yoga with you and make it a habit

Shalini and Himanshu

Ruchita has this calming influence on her students.  She is quite passionate and knowledgeable on Yoga, meditation and related aspects.  She goes the extra mile in genuinely making her students not just do what she says but also making them understand the underlying concepts, guides them step-by-step.  

Vaibhavi Bhavsar

Ruchita is a sincere, hard-working, well informed and very knowledgeable Yoga teacher with a strong background of journalism. She has been to many well-known schools of Yoga across the country.  She makes every student work hard and at the same time enjoy Yoga.

Ishwar Gupta

I would like to say how much I enjoy my Yoga practice with Ruchita. She creates a friendly atmosphere and her knowledge on Yoga is immense.  She helped me on the postures of many asanas, that I thought it wouldn't be possible it.

Aditya Gupta

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